Damon Arrington

After receiving his BFA in Theater from Virginia Commonwealth University, Damon toured the world as a Director and Producer with provocateurs and nightlife luminaries. His management work on Broadway include the Tony Award Winning plays The Goat and Take Me Out. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture at City College of New York where he was selected as the 2015 Scholar for the J. Max Bond Center. His work at the Bond Center was focused on inclusion and equity within the Just City model of urban planning, feeding his passion for exploring subversive voices in crumbling cities across America. He was awarded the American Society of Landscape Architecture Honor Award for his thesis design strategy, in West Virginia which prompted a deeper study into the ability of horticulture to inform remediation in crisis landscapes. After completing the second and final phase of The Hills on Governor’s Island here in the NYC harbor, Damon continued his social design work, researching the extension and production of the apple, specific to future orchard planning in West Virginia. 

Damon’s work bridges science and architecture with art and community. He is a playwright, and uses this medium to access and communicate to communities about the services the ecosystem provides, especially the rural south. He has written a trilogy play about the Rustbelt, and currently is writing about the abandoned farmland of Southwest Virginia. Recently, he worked with Pier 55 on the West Side of NYC on a podcast titled, Sense of Place, which hopes to bridge the design of the pier space and the community who will utilize it with one of the largest estuaries in the world, The Hudson-Raritan.